Defender for Home Safety

1.Current Situation of Home Safety

Are you aware of the potential hazards inyour home?

WisGuard instantly give yourself peace of mind while you are away from your home. Find comfort in knowing that Wiscloud is monitoring the safety of your home at all times from excessive toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and more. Other safety hazards include flammable and explosive gases spilled from gas pipelines, excessive dust, and even smoke from the beginning of a fire.

Wiscloud helps protect your loved ones because their safety is our #1 priority. Elderly people, disabled people, and children in unexpected circumstances may need help immediately! For example they may fall down or get sick, or your child may climb the windowsill. Wiscloud’s smart technology can prevent, monitor and/or call for help when these instances occur.

Advanced settings control your devices to automatically shut off chargers, computers, TVs, etc when connected for too long. Thermostat temperature setting capabilities help improve your health and safety. You can improve the quality of your life today.

2. WisGuard

WisGuard is a home safety device by Wiscloud which includes Security Guard, Senior Guard, Child Guard and Home Guard. We will provide the equipment free to use with a refundable deposit and affordable monthly fee. Register and activate your account by simply scanning our QR code. WisGuard helps you monitor your home’s current situation against all risks at home even when you are away.

3. Product Introduction

Wisguard consists of a smart central device and other supporting smart devices. The Security Host Real-time detection of carbon monoxide and other volatile toxic combustible gas, smoke dust concentration. Collects and uploads your home’s current situation data to Life Cloud Big Data Center, then sends alert message to your mobile device when concentration is over the limit. The smart central device will automatically alarm with sound and light.

Supporting products include door and window sensor, human sensor, remote control, smart socket, smart switch, smart sensor and smart door lock.

4.Situational Application

Door and window sensor will detect when doors and windows are opened or closed without authorization, then sends alert message to your mobile device. Through the WisGuard app you will always know the current status of your home.

The human sensor will send alert message when armed. Locate the position and movement of person in your home.

Anyone in your home can call for help through the remote control to your relatives and Wiscloud customer service center in case of emergency.

5.Functional Application

Air quality detection, movement detection, entrance security detection, AI identification, emergency call, sound-light alarm unit, SMS alert, dispatch caller, APP push alerts, and cloud service.

6.Easy Operation

1.Product shipped after deposit paid
2.Scan QR code to register
3.Pay service fee to activate monitoring service

7.Service Package

Product Service Series Security Guard Senior Guard
Package A B C A
Security Host 1 1 1 1
Remote Control 1 2 2 2
Door and Window Sensor 1 2 3 2
Human Sensor - 2 3 4
VOC Sensor - - 1 -
CO2 Sensor - - 1 -
Smart Socket - - 2 -