Smart Switch

Wiscloud Smart Switch Designs

1. Fashionable faceplate

Faceplate are made from durable tempered glass for heat and strength resistance.

2. Fire-resistance covers

Switch cover material uses Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) for heat isolation and prevents electrical leakage.

3. Fire-resistance covers

Touch sensors react from 0.3mm distance, giving instantaneous response

4. Designed for safety

Intrinsic safety designed switch featuring spark-less, over-voltage, over-current and over-heating prevention measures.

5. High reliability, low maintenance

Smart switch are thoroughly tested during production, guaranteed functional for >100k operation. Withstands up to 1000W Dielectric voltage. Low standby power consumption at 0.5W.

6. Simple installation, operation with ease

Smart switch brackets are designed for quick and easy installation. Smart switch covering fits nicely into the bracket, giving maximum protection. For maintenance, the faceplate can be easily removed, revealing the electrical circuit board for troubleshooting.

7. Intrinsic switch status, glows in the dark

Each smart switch is backlighted with LED. LED displays blue when powered on and red when powered off.

8. Customisable Iconized faceplate design

The faceplates can be customised according to customer requirement to display meaningful icons. Better user experience by getting it right the first time!

Wiscloud Smart Switch Features

1. Single smart switch paired to multiple light sources

Riding on proprietary Nebula protocol, Wiscloud Smart Switches can perform device self-learning programming (without smart controllers or attached computing devices) to achieve pairing one switch sensor to many light output. Program switch pairing and cancellation by holding on to the switch sensor for varying time period. You can achieve even more by creating customisable lighting profiles to redundant switch terminal ports!

2. Multiple smart switches paired to common light source

On the flipside, multiple smart switch can also be programmed to pair with a common light source. Now you can light up that bathroom light with multiple smart switches and no more fumbling .

3. Status feedback

Wiscloud Smart Switches may send periodic feedbacks to Wiscloud Smart Home Control Center and cloud servers in updating on its operational status, operational hours and energy consumption. You can easily plan for preventive maintenance and track maintenance effort.

4. Compatible with 3rd party remote controls

Wiscloud Smart Switches can self-learn and synchronise with any 3rd party 2.4Ghz remote controllers (up to 30m). Now you can reuse that remote fan control to manipulate light source too!

5. Control it anywhere

Wiscloud Smart Switches can be controlled via Wiscloud Smart Home Control Center, Android/iOS/windows , Wiscloud web portal anywhere everywhere!

6. Build your unique home lighting profile

With Wiscloud Smart Home Control Center, home lighting profiles can be programmed and a single touch is all you need to change normal light to disco theme, suiting your mood instantaneously.

Wiscloud Smart Switch Benefits

Easy installation
Convenience of controls
Enjoy power saving
Improved electrical safety
So what are you waiting for? Start your smart living now!